Pride Brick Earrings


This Pride and every Pride we must remember that our rights were won not through respectability, but hard won with riots and direct action.

Our Pride Brick earrings call back to the Stonewall Riots that lead into the first Pride celebrations.

We’ve 3-d designed the charms on these earrings and cast them in house either in pewter or sterling silver. Sterling charms are a bright white-silver while pewter charms are a darker grey-silver. Charms are polished but each have some remaining surface texture, because they’re bricks; they shouldn’t be perfectly smooth.

Charms are just under 10mm tall (not including loop) and about 5mm wide. They are roughly 3mm thick.

Non-Pierced Option

If you need earrings for non-pierced ears, select the box below:


Please see our care instructions here.

All jewelry is handmade and may show quirks from the creation process.


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