Jewelry Care

All jewelry needs to be cared for to keep it in it’s best condition. This goes for everything from gold and diamond jewelry to our recycled comic pendants.

Below are some basic care instructions for the jewelry we create that contains paper.

“If You Love Me, Keep Me Dry.”

Many of our pieces are made with paper in them. We recommend keeping them out of showers, bathtubs, pools, saunas, and hot tubs. In short, do not let any of our jewelry soak in water. If a piece does get wet, dry it as soon as possible. We seal both the pendants and charms multiple times throughout the creation process to make them both strong and resilient, but if the paper inside does get wet, it can cause the piece to break.

“Cleaners and sunblock are not my friends.”

Household cleaners and solvents can overpower even the sturdiest finishes. If you want to keep your jewelry in tip top shape, keep your jewelry away from liquid and aerosol cleaners. If you need to polish the metal on your jewelry, we carry a polishing cloth that works very well and doesn’t have any liquid that affect your jewelry. Some sunblocks can cause problems when in contact directly with sealed paper (like the front of our dog tags).