Druid’s Ring


“It’s always best to avoid any entanglements.”

With the Druid’s Ring, you’ll never have to worry about any nasty entanglements – but your foes might! The ring is sterling silver with three glittering stones – a chrome diopside, a green tourmaline, and a green sapphire – in a setting reminiscent of interwoven vines. Take your love of nature with you when you wear this ring.


**Rings also include a beautifully printed magic item card, a perfect addition for your game table.**

Made-To Order Ring Size

Price listed is for any size from a 4 up to size 14 (we offer whole, half, and quarter sizes). If you need a size larger than 14 we will contact you after the deposit is placed to give you an accurate price quote.


Dungeon’s & Diamonds Class Rings are made to order. Production takes on average 2-4 weeks from when the deposit is taken.

Please see our general care instructions here.

This ring cannot be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

All jewelry is handmade and may show quirks from the creation process.


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