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What is Bling Module?

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Bling Module is Optimystical Studios’ quarterly subscription jewelry service.

Every three months, you’ll receive a box with (1) Core Module, (3) Exclusive Modules, (3) Coordinating Modules, and a number of Surprise Modules.


Every Bling Module has a theme and coordinates with itself.  As a bonus, all of the Modules will have a bit* of a nerdy vibe, so you can mix & match Modules between Quarters too!

The Charm Modules are made with small clasp attachments for a perfect mix of strength and creativity, allowing you to move charms as the whim strikes you, all with no tools.

Surprise Modules could be anything! From additional charms to pendants to tiaras to something that’s not jewelry (shocking, we know). You’ll receive at least one Surprise Module, but you may receive many more. Each quarter’s Surprise Module(s) will be worth at least $40.

If your Surprise Module is a pendant, your Bling Module will also include a chain or cord, because no one wants a RC Car without the batteries.

How Much is Bling Module?

Depending on how long you choose to subscribe will determine how much each Bling Module Box will cost.

Monthly**: $60/box +shipping (billed $20 + shipping monthly)
Quarterly: $55/box +shipping
Yearly: $45/box +shipping (billed $180 + shipping yearly)

  • Shipping for US customers includes tracking and is $6/box.
  • Shipping for International customers is $24/box (no tracking) or $49/box (tracking included)
  • Shipping is billed at the same time your subscription is (monthly, quarterly, or yearly)
  • Monthly subscriber shipping is split between each payment ($2, $8, $17)

Yearly subscribers save $10 off each box!

When Does Bling Module Ship?

Bling Module boxes ship quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Boxes will ship out by the 15th of the month.

To make sure you get your box, you will want to sign up by the first day of the month that boxes are shipping (March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1). That will give us time to put the finishing touches on your items and get them out by the 15th.


*Let’s be honest, “a bit nerdy” to us means pretty nerdy to most of the world. These Modules are being created by Optimystical Studios after all, and we are the Nerdy Jewelry Faeries. But who doesn’t love Totoro and Mermaids!?!

**If you begin your subscription after the first month of the quarter, you will need to make an additional initial payment to get caught up. Don’t worry, we do the math for you.

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That’s right, we’re closing out 2019 with a box that is Absolutely Tickety-Boo.

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Why “Module”?

Besides the fact that we are giant nerds? Well it’s pretty perfect for what we want to offer you with this new jewelry.

Think of Bling Module like an old school Lego set. Sure there’s a picture on the front, but inside there are instructions for 4 other things you can build, not to mention all of the totally wonderful stuff you can make from your imagination.

A Bling Module gives you all the parts to build a pretty sweet charm bracelet, plus Surprise Modules. But what if you don’t wear bracelets, but you are really into hair sticks? We also have tools, add-ons, and tutorials on how to ‘hack’ your jewelry into what you want it to be.


IMG_20160111_212213034 copy

Follow the easy steps and add in one extra part, and now you have a unique Soot Sprite Hair Stick!


[column-third-2]Want the crystal pendant to be a charm on your bracelet? We’ll have tutorials to help you mod your new shinies into the perfect jewelry for you.

IMG_20160111_212027590 copy



IMG_20160111_211838147 copy

Don’t wear earrings, but think one of those umbrellas would make a kick-ass bookmark? We can make it happen.


What sort of themes can you expect us to do?

Since we’ve launched we’ve done themes like: Saturday Morning Nostalgia, Boldly Going, Wibbly Wobbly, Wizard School, Personal Museum, Armed & Fabulous, Giant Stompy Robots, None More Goth, Monstress Mayhem, Shoujo Ai, Math & Science, Found Family, and Legacy…

…Coming up we have lots of great plans. Everything from: Interesting bits of history that we don’t learn in school. Space.  Animation. Mythological Stuff. Cult Movies. Literature. Pirates. Dragons. Dragon Pirates. Cryptography. Other, more eldritch things…

Obviously that is a more ideas than we’re going to get to in the next year or so (with a new theme each quarter). But we wanted to give you an idea of some of our ideas.

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