White Dragon – Ancient Chromatics Necklace


The frozen wind of the tundra blasts you. Even here, though, there should be life. But an ancient White dragon hunts these lands, and soon, it will be the wasteland that people from warmer climes seem to think your home is. Though the land is cold, you stay warm, the necklace you wear making you as resilient as the beast you hunt. If the magic holds, you will be unstoppable.

This ancient chromatic dragon necklace features beautiful wings that have been nanoceramic electroplated and then hand-enameled for an eye-catching depth and texture. The wings are accented with a mix of Austrian and Czech crystal. The chain is adjustable from 15 to 23.5 inches with a double clasp system, allowing you to wear the necklace at the length most comfortable for you.

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Please see our care instructions here.

If backordered, your necklace will be made to order. Standard creation time is 2-4 weeks.

All jewelry is handmade and may show quirks from the creation process.


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