Periodic Elements – Poor Metals


It’s time to get Elemental!

Your choice of Periodic Table jewelry featuring elements from the Poor Metals grouping.

Choose a 20mm Pendant or 12mm Earring (earrings available as singles or sets, perfect for making your favorite compounds) with the periodic element square, glazed behind glass and set into a silver frame.

All Poor Metals are done on a blue paper, and paper color may vary slightly from pictured based on current availability.

If you choose “Other” for your element, please let us know what element you want in the order notes at checkout. “Other” Elements are not kept in stock and can take up to 2 weeks to create and be ready for shipping. Other Poor Metals are listed under the Elements Tab below.

Non-Pierced Option

If you need earrings for non-pierced ears, select the box below:

Product Description

Cords & Chains not included with pendants. Cords & chains are available here.

Please see our care instructions here.

All jewelry is handmade and may show quirks from the creation process.

Other Poor Metals Available:


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