Our Lady Prayer Candle

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Our General,
Glittered be thy memory.
Help me give no fucks,
as you gave no fucks.

Thus begins the prayer on the reverse of the Our Lady of Giving No Fucks candle.

This white 7-day candle is housed in an 8 inch tall glass jar and adorned with a heat resistant image (so you can actually use the candle without harming the art) of our dearly departed Mother of Glitter.

In one hand she holds a medication capsule, both in honor of Carrie’s willingness to be open about her own mental illness and to remind those of us on medications to go take our medication, just as she would have wanted. The other hand is flipping off anyone who dares slight her or her three feelings. She is surrounded by the moonlight in which she drowned, with her faithful companion Gary peering our from among a field of snapdragons.

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The wonderful Harrison Webb of Fiendish Thingy Art created this piece for us. More of his great artwork can be found here.

Also this great art is available as a print! You can get that from Fiendish Thingy here.

1 review for Our Lady Prayer Candle

  1. lauren_reichel (verified owner)

    This is a good candle.

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