Heroes & Inspirations Art Team

Heroes & Inspirations – Artist Team

Ciritus is a Colombian freelancer working in Comics, and illustration. Currently living in Bogotá, finishing her last year in Visual Arts at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University.
In 5 years of freelancing she has worked for many private clients, covering areas such as cover illustrations, concept art, coloring, and plushie making.
She has also been working on personal comic works; and planning to star a webcomic soon. Also her own set of dolls and plushies.
She speaks Spanish and English, and is studying French.

Isabelle Melançon
Isabelle Melançon is a French-Canadian artist who grew up in a family of literature and comic lovers, which began her interest in the genre. She is currently working on Namesake, a fantasy online graphic novel that publishes three days a week with two books released in print.
Isabelle’s drawing style is heavily influenced by American and Japanese animation, as well as older Victorian and French illustration work. She is madly in love with fairy tales and literature and enjoys playing with the classics in her comics and written work.

24 year old Palestinian-American, working on an as-of-yet unnamed graphic novel project. Avid doll collector, quite fond of shoes, trying to learn how to cook, and distracted by shiny things along the way. Possibly the only “Dalal Naoum” in the United States.

Whitney Brown
Whitney Brown is an animator and comic artist based in California with a love of fairy tales and storytelling. She currently works on a steampunk inspired Alice in Wonderand webcomic called Hearts of Roese.

Molly Brewer
Molly Brewer holds a BFA in illustration from the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University. Her art passions include character design and historical costume, and her work has been featured in the online magazines Astonishing Adventures and Dark Valentine.

Kata Kane
Kata Kane is best known as the artist & writer of the shoujo manga webcomic Altar Girl. She is an illustrator and graphic designer living in Baltimore, MD.

Summer Suzuki
Summer tarted reading comics at the age of 13 and has been in love with art and storytelling since.

Alison Oxborrow
Alison is a keen and hard working 20something Animation student based in Lincoln, UK. She has been drawing and painting since childhood and even after a 2 year stint as an electrician, has never lost her drive to achieve her dream of being an artist. Animation has always played a major part in Alison’s life and one day she hopes to work for the likes of Disney and Dreamworks.

Laura McDonough
Laura is an illustrator out of Ohio, pecking her way through college and making a brave attempt at being professional. She likes to spend her time away from her tablet knitting, baking delicious goods, and sighing wistfully over wonderfully (or not so wonderfully) told stories.

Emily Dunham
Emily Dunham Design

Rin Veneris
Rin Venieris is a Seattle-based artist with a longstanding love affair with all things geek and nerd who spent most of her formative years swooning over superhero cartoons and comic books. She is best-known for not being very known at all, and if it is an art or a craft or a cool new TV show she has probably tried it. If not, you should tell her about it so she can.