*None More Goth* Laser Engraved Journal

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For the notes and art from the depths of your tortured soul. The only way it could be MORE goth is if the pages were black*.


*We can actually get a black covered journal with black pages… If this is a gothy thing you need, let us know.

See what happens when you give a nerd access to LAZORS? Other than super-villainy of course. Unless using LAZORS to put questionable things on sketch books counts as super-villainy.

ANYWAY. You need more sketchbooks. People are looking at you funny for drawing on tables, walls, their faces. Why have a boring plain sketchbook when you can have one etched with LAZORS?

1 review for *None More Goth* Laser Engraved Journal

  1. ladydamedesigns

    I LOVE this journal! So many bullet journals are cutesy or “bohemian” and I’ve been looking for something that fits my delightful dorky gothy vibes. And this is it.

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