Nano-Ceramic Electroplating Customization

Want to customize your new jewelry? Add this item to your cart along with the items you want to customize and we’ll happily add a spectacular nanoceramic electroplating to the metal before we set your flag or image.

If you are ordering multiples of the same size/style of item and only want some plated, or want specific ones plated in particular colors, please let us know in the order notes.

{Photos of plated samples coming soon}

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Customizing a piece with nano-ceramic electroplating adds approximately 2 weeks to the production time to your order as each piece is made from scratch to your specifications.

What is nanoceramic plating? SCIENCE! And electricity. And nano-particles (I know, right!?!) of ceramic. All of that together allowed us to electroplate ceramic over the metal settings. They still feel metal, they still look metal, they still sound metal, but they are bright fun colors! As a bonus: if you have metal sensitivities, you can wear these pieces because there is no metal in contact with your skin.