Light Up TARDIS Earrings

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It’s time for adventure and these light up TARDIS earrings are the perfect companion.

These 3-D printed resin earrings are mostly hollow, and even with the batteries in place they are very lightweight.

One set of batteries (included) will keep the lights going at bright for 2-5 hours and at dim (but visible) for an additional 2-5 hours.  Instructions for installing batteries are listed below.

Earwires are sterling silver.

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Extra Batteries

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The base of the TARDIS comes off and each hosts a slot for 2 batteries. Just align the positive side of the batteries with the marked positive side of the holder and slide the batteries in.

The base is made so that it will stay in place in only one direction. If you place the base back into the TARDIS incorrectly it will slip right back out, just rotate it 90 degrees and slide it back in, that will be the correct direction.

Fun Facts:

  • We custom mixed the blue resin to be as close to true TARDIS blue as we could.
  • The length of time the lights stay bright with one set of batteries seems to be wholly dependant on the person wearing them. We’ve done tests, we can’t explain why for some people it’s shorter and some it’s longer when everyone was using the same type of batteries.

Please see our care instructions here.

All jewelry is handmade and may show quirks from the creation process.

1 review for Light Up TARDIS Earrings

  1. Stephanie (verified owner)

    These are such fun, delightful earrings, and they look so cool with the glowing LEDs! They’re super easy to turn on/off and they’re also super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

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