*Hope Is Like The Sun* Laser Notebook


Use this notebook to remind you to have hope.

Or just write down inspirational quotes in it.

Or write down everything about your mental health in honor of Space Mom.

Or write your Poe/Finn fanfiction.

We won’t judge.



See what happens when you give a nerd access to LAZORS? Other than super-villainy of course. Unless using LAZORS to put questionable things on notebooks counts as super-villainy.

ANYWAY. You always need more notebooks for writing. Everyone needs a place to write more things. Why have a boring plain notebook when you can have one etched with LAZORS?

The details: These notebooks are 64 lined pages, size B7 (88 x 125 mm – 3.5 x 4.9 in), with laser etching on the covers.


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