*Art Is In My Blood* Laser Engraved Sketchbook

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Art may be in your blood, let’s just hope your blood is not in your art. Use this sketchbook to pump (haha) out all your artistic ideas.



See what happens when you give a nerd access to LAZORS? Other than super-villainy of course. Unless using LAZORS to put questionable things on sketch books counts as super-villainy.

ANYWAY. You need more sketchbooks. People are looking at you funny for drawing on tables, walls, their faces. Why have a boring plain sketch book when you can have one etched with LAZORS?

These sketchbooks are 192 blank 80gsm pages, includes a ribbon bookmark, with laser etching on the hardbound covers.

1 review for *Art Is In My Blood* Laser Engraved Sketchbook

  1. fiendishthingyart

    I got this sketchbook as a present and I love carrying it with me — to work, around the house, on walks — for quick sketches. (The paper weight makes it mainly suitable for dry materials but that’s more than fine. 🙂 ) It’s lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand my clumsy self dropping it multiple times.
    And my favourite part about this product is the engraved cover. The detail is amazing. (So punk rock art school!) Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud to show off a sketchbook in public.

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