Many people have preparedness plans for the Zombie Apocalypse, including where to meet, what the most important supplies are & where they will go to wait out the storm, to avoid being nommed by the undead. No Zombie plan is complete without knowing what to do if a companion is infected. The ZombAlert© line fills that roll; now you can know your friends & loved ones preferred way of being dealt with in the unfortunate event they become infected.

The ZombAlert© line from Optimystical Studios lets your loved ones know your wishes in the Zombie Apocalypse.

This line has an ‘under-duress’ look, made to have a few pits and scratches, as if they were made in the field or have seen a bit of action. Each piece is hand cast in high quality lead-free pewter then enameled with various color combinations.

The last step in the process is stamping your final wishes onto the back of the pendant. The letters are set and stamped by hand, and currently come with three options. For example if you are bitten, do you want your family to try and cure you of the pending zombification? If so, you would choose ‘Attempt To Cure’. Would you rather just be decapitated and avoid any possible further transmissions of the plague? Then ‘Decapitation’ is your best option. Do you prefer pop-culture references in your de-zombification? ‘Double Tap’ is a great choice for movie and video game buffs. Optimystical Studios will also take requests for custom backs on the ZombAlert© pendants.

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